Annual General Meeting of Mackrell International

The Annual General Meeting of Mackrell International took place in Barcelona from 11 April to 15 April 2018. It was attended by representatives of the member law firms from all over the world. Dobrev & Lyutskanov Law Firm was represented by Ms Gergana Ilieva, attorney-at-law. The main topics discussed by the delegates covered the opportunities which were opened up for lawyers with the new technologies, including the regulation of such issues as the artificial intellect and vaping /using e-cigarettes/, as well as the new General Data Protection Regulation. There was a presentation on the problems which US lawyers faced with contracts relating to the use, production and lease of areas to grow marijuana in the context of the different levels of legalization in the individual states. A! nother presentation outlined the BRI (Belt and Road Initiative) of the Chinese Government which is aimed at expanding the infrastructure networks that connect China by sea and land to Asia, Africa and Europe, promoting trade and economic growth along the Silk Road. Bulgaria is among the countries participating in the initiative. The initiative was presented by the law firm on 5 December 2017 with a publication on its website. Further details from Mackrell International can be found here.
Ms Ilieva also took part in the meeting of lawyers from the Litigation Practice Group which discussed the organization of a webinar on a topic of interest to lawyers from all parts of the world. The participants in the largest practice group chose the topic of the recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards. They agreed to divide the webinar into two parts: (i) proceedings in the countries which are Contracting States to the 1958 New York Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards, and (ii) presentation of the rules to the States that have not acceded to the Convention.
The meeting discussed the opportunity for sending invitations to clients to take part in the conferences of the organization in the context of the relevance of the topics and the practical issues discussed at the meetings. Events will be organized in an extended format and the law firm will provide updated information in due course.