EMEA Regional Meeting of Mackrell International

This year the EMEA regional meeting of Mackrell International was in Paris, 28-30 October 2016. 69 members from 36 law firms in 28 countries took place in the event. Dobrev & Lyutskanov Law Firm was represented by Mr. Roumen Lyutskanov and Ms. Gergana Ilieva.

Clive Miéville, Managing Director of MI opened the event with presentation on the position of the organization on the world legal services market and the new objectives of the Business Development committee.

In another presentation, “Legal Directories and how to get into them” by David Adams from Legal Media Monitor, there were brief and very useful tips for every law firm on the volume, type and way of presenting of the submitted cases, on the role of the clients and the importance of feedback.

The participants took part in a panel on Managing Impact of Cultural Differences: from Instinct to Strategy, where everyone could have a first-hand experience of difficulties in communication, deriving from the different cultural background of the participants.

The adopted this year in France Labour Code and the new challenges for French employers were presented to local audience at the meeting with special focus on new requirements for employers planning restructuring.

The event ended with appointing dates and venues for the next regional meetings.