These General Terms apply to all activities and assignments, including subsequent assignments, which the Law Firm performs and/or all activities and/or assignments which the Law Firm causes to be performed by a third(s). The applicability of any (general) terms and conditions of the commissioning party (or principal, however named) is expressly rejected.

Our Role

Our objective is to define and attain the objectives of the clients we work for. We shall achieve the best results if you provide us with all the available information when you give us the assignment. Please keep us informed in due course of all changes in your intentions or in the circumstances of the case you have assigned to us.


All cases assigned to a lawyer of our Firm will be deemed to have been assigned to the Firm. It will be the Firm to do the work and all costs and legal fees are payable to the accounts of the Firm. An assignment is made when you contact us for advice, opinion or specific action even without giving it in writing. The Law Firm reserves its right not to accept a specific assignment, although it may have been given in writing. The client will be duly informed in such cases.

Problems or Complaints

Please let us know if you are dissatisfied with our work. You are kindly advised to approach the lawyer who is working on your specific case. He will resolve the problem together with you.

You are also free to approach any of the partners as well. Our Law Firm has insured its professional responsibility.


We shall keep all the information related to your case strictly confidential. Pursuant to the Bar Act, all papers of attorneys-at-law, dossiers, the correspondence with clients, electronic documents, computer equipment and other information carriers are inviolable and may not be subject to review, copying, inspection or seizure. The opinions we have given to you and the documents we have prepared are for your use only and may not be copied or used by third parties without our consent given in writing.


After the case is over, we shall return your documents and papers at your request. The Firm keeps files for five years and then destroys them. You may require a longer keeping of copies of documents under your cases and files.

Fees and Costs

Our hourly rates are based on the professional experience and competence and reflect the time used by the lawyers to work on the case.

Fees cover our professional time. They do not include the legal costs incurred in litigation and other proceedings, which are due in addition to our fees. These costs cover the costs for court and state charges, revenue stamps, photocopying, fax messages, telephone bills, postal and courier services, business trips, etc.

We are fully prepared to keep you informed on the amount of fees and costs at your request at any time. We may negotiate a total budget for the fees and costs. Fees and costs are payable even when the court adjudicates that the other litigant will pay them or a third party has agreed to do so. We shall discuss with you whether you have an insurance policy for costs related to legal assistance or a third party may be obligated to pay them.

Costs and fees are paid on the basis of account for the lawyer’s fees. The account will specify all amounts payable on your part in the form of costs, charges and fees and will be accompanied with a comprehensive report on the hours spent on your case and the lawyers having performed the services provided. All accounts are payable within fourteen days of their submission. We shall issue an invoice for the fees due and paid.

We reserve our right to discontinue our work on a case in the event of non-payment within the agreed time limits and payment is due for the work done until that time. When a client gives up an assignment without any reasonable argument, the remuneration will not be refunded. Subject to refunding in such cases are the amounts which the client has paid for costs that have not been incurred yet.

When a case is not completed for reasons beyond our control, we shall ask for payment of fees and costs only for the work done until that moment.

Litigation and Costs

As a rule, the court will adjudge costs to be paid by the party losing the case but the following considerations should also be taken into account:

  • if the claim is partially granted, the payment of charges, costs and lawyer’s fees is adjudicated on a pro rata basis;
  • the litigant who has lost the case may have insufficient resources to pay all or part of the adjudicated costs and fees;
  • the adjudicated fee is deemed to be the fee of one attorney-at-law; – in the event of an agreement in court, the costs remain at the expense of the parties as they have incurred them, unless agreed otherwise.

In the case of out-of-court settlement or agreement in court, the lawyer’s fees paid are not refundable.

Client Account

All the money received in your name other than our fees will be kept in our client account. These funds will be spent strictly in accordance with your instructions and for the payment of charges and costs due. We shall provide a report, at your request, on the available balance and the movement of funds.

The amounts which have not been used will be refunded to you after the assignment is completed and the related fees and costs have been paid.

Governing Law

The Bulgarian substantive law shall apply to these General Terms and conditions. Any dispute arising out of or in connection with them will be heard and resolved by the competent Bulgarian court.

There may be versions of these General terms and Conditions in other languages. In case of any discrepancy between the Bulgarian version and the version in another language, the Bulgarian version prevails.

If there is any lack of clarity concerning the interpretation of one or more stipulations in these general terms and conditions, or if a situation arises which is not arranged for in these general terms and conditions, then the interpretation is to be carried out ‘in the spirit’ of these stipulations.

If one or more stipulations in these general terms and conditions appears to be void or voidable then this does not have any effect on the validity of the other stipulations. If one or more stipulations in these general terms and conditions is void then the Law Firm will replace the invalid stipulation(s) with new stipulations which are of a similar purport so that they represent the stipulations which are declared to be void as much as possible.

The Law Firm is entitled to change (the contents of) these general terms and conditions unilaterally. If you have any questions with regard to the general terms and conditions of the Law Firm, you can send your questions to