Streamlining EU Blue Card issuance under Bulgarian law

On 25.01.2023 in the Bulgarian State Gazette were promulgated amendments to the Foreigners in the Republic of Bulgaria Act (FRBA) and the Labour Migration and Labour Mobility Act (LMLMA). The amendments are aimed at significantly streamlining EU Blue Card issuance

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  • 18:33 - 31/03/2023

Non-profit legal entities can file for re-registration with the Registry Agency even after December 31st, 2022

Non-profit legal entities (NPLEs) listed in the records offices of district courts of justice were required to file for re-registration with the Commercial Register and Register of Non-Profit Legal Entities (CRRNPLE) administered by the Registry Agency by December 31st, 2022.

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  • 14:45 - 14/02/2023

National Recovery and Resilience Plan of the Republic of Bulgaria: Investment 2 (C4.I2): Support for renewable energy for households

The Ministry of Energy announced a public discussion on the procedure for supporting renewable energy for households including with construction of photovoltaic systems, pursuant to the National Recovery and Resilience Plan of the Republic of Bulgaria. The tentative date for

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  • 14:35 - 14/02/2023

The Court of Justice of the EU passes judgement about civil liability in tort actions

In reference to a suit brought against a German insurer represented by Dobrev and Lyutzkanov Attorneys-at-Law, seeking compensation for non-material damages from death of a loved one which occurred in a road traffic accident on German territory, on December 15th,

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  • 14:24 - 14/02/2023

Amendments to the Bulgarian Labour Legislation

During 2022 were introduced a number of amendments to the Bulgarian labour legislation, which have significant impact on the relations between employers and employees. In the Labour Code there is already an explicit requirement for written form for any amendments

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  • 18:56 - 20/12/2022

DBIHK Legal and Economic day

On 24.10.2022 was held the DBIHK Legal and economic day – a traditional event, during which the members of the DBIHK present practically orientated topics for the business. During this year’s event were discussed topics including the protection of whistleblowers,

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  • 18:31 - 20/12/2022


On 01.10.2022 in Sofia was held the 21st Ball of the German Economy in Bulgaria. The glamorous event gathered representatives of economy and politics, while the chairmen of the DBIHK Dr. Mitko Vassilev and Mr. Tim Kurt received awards from

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  • 11:34 - 16/12/2022

Attorney-at-Law Hristo Kazarmov was awarded with a Badge of Honour of the Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria

On 10.10.2022 the Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria (CAB) celebrated the 85th anniversary of its establishing and awarded distinctions and as another form of recognition – the badge of honour of the Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria for meritorious service

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  • 11:30 - 16/12/2022

Proposal for amendments to the Condominium Ownership Management Act

With a view to implementing a reform towards ‘Facilitating and increasing the effectiveness of investments in energy efficiency of muti-unit residential buildings’, as provided for in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP) of the Republic of Bulgaria, the Council

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  • 9:59 - 16/11/2022

The Bulgarian Ministry of Innovation and Growth published information concerning procedure Technological Modernization

In the framework of the Bulgarian National Plan for Recovery and Resilience the Ministry of Innovation and Growth published on 22.07.2022 information concerning procedure BG-RRP-3.004 Technological Modernization. Via this procedure the amount of 260 000 000 BGN shall be provided

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  • 13:35 - 09/08/2022

The ‘man–in–the–middle attack’, the unauthorized payment transaction, or whom does the law protect in online banking?

A ‘man-in-the-middle-attack’ is a kind of cyberattack that became widely known since 2017; it involves hackers intercepting an actual online exchange or data transfer between two parties, then occupying ‘the place in the middle’ and taking advantage of the thus

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  • 13:29 - 09/08/2022


On 28.05.2022 entered into force changes to the Bulgarian Act on Consumer protection for the implementation of Directive (EU) 2019/2161 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 November 2019 amending Council Directive 93/13/EEC and Directives 98/6/EC, 2005/29/EC

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  • 14:50 - 12/07/2022

Ranking of Dobrev & Lyutskanov Law Firm in the Banking & Finance area of the IFLR 1000 Directory

For another consecutive year Dobrev & Lyutskanov Law Firm is ranked in the field of Banking and Finance in the IFLR1000 directory. IFLR1000 is a specialized international law guide, dedicated to the work of law firms and lawyers in the

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  • 18:30 - 23/06/2022

European Commission Proposes Directive to Fight Built-in Obsolescence of Consumer Goods

On March 30, 2022, the European Commission tabled a draft directive amending the currently effective Directives 2005/29/EC (on unfair business-to-consumer commercial practices) and 2011/83/EU (on consumer rights), as an element of the green transition, including through the enforcement of measures

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  • 17:49 - 20/05/2022

Whistleblower Protection Bill Published for Public Consultation

On April 21, 2022, the Public Consultations Portal of the Council of Ministers posted a Bill on the Protection of Persons Reporting or Publicly Exposing Breaches of the Law; the Bill can be accessed at: https://strategy.bg/PublicConsultations/View.aspx?lang=bg-BG&Id=6784. Said Bill needs to

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  • 17:46 - 20/05/2022


With increasing frequency, due to changes in economic conditions the parties to commercial transactions encounter difficulties in fulfilling their assumed obligations. For those parties whose obligations remain enforceable (i.e., have not become objectively impossible to enforce, as in, e.g., the

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  • 11:57 - 08/04/2022

A bill has been tabled for adoption by Parliament aimed at simplifying the administrative procedure of building power generation capacities for self-consumption using renewable energy sources.

On March 11, 2022, a bill was introduced to amend the Renewable Energy Act (REA) with the aim of simplifying the administrative procedure pertinent to building power generation facilities for self-consumption using renewable energy sources with a rated capacity of

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  • 11:52 - 08/04/2022

Temporary protection in Bulgaria for persons who have fled Ukraine after February 24, 2022

In connection with the wave of refugees fleeing the territory of Ukraine, the European Council adopted Council Implementing Decision (EU) 2022/382 of 4 March 2022 establishing the existence of a mass influx of displaced persons from Ukraine within the meaning

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  • 11:48 - 08/04/2022

The Bulgarian Supreme Court of Cassation resolved statutory interpretation case on suspension of registration proceedings

The Supreme Court of Cassation has found a court practice to be controversial and has thus initiated a statutory interpretation case on ‘Circumstances a court must examine and take into consideration while hearing claims in proceedings under article 536(1) of

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  • 10:05 - 25/03/2022

Bulgarian Constitutional Court rules 16-year moratorium on the acquisition by prescription of state and municipal properties unconstitutional

By its Ruling No. 3/24.02.2022 on Constitutional Court Case No. 16/2021, the Bulgarian Constitutional Court declared unconstitutional the provisions of §1(1) of the Law on Supplementing the Property Act (LSPA) (Promulgated in State Gazette No. 46/2006 last supplemented SG No.

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  • 10:01 - 25/03/2022

The Bulgarian Supreme Court of Cassation adopted an interpretative decision concerning the liability of the guarantor with regard to obligations, which are paid in installments

With interpretative decision from 21.01.2022 in interpretative case No 5/2019 of the Common Assembly of the Civil and Commercial Colleges of the Supreme Court of Cassation (SCC) was answered the question from which moment does the term under art. 147,

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  • 17:56 - 04/02/2022

By decision of the Bulgarian Council of Ministers the emergency epidemic situation in Bulgaria is extended until 31.03.2022

With decision from 24.11.2021 the Bulgarian Council of Ministers has extended the emergency epidemic situation in the Republic of Bulgaria until 31.03.2022. For this period the restrictions for entering into Bulgaria remain, as wells as the requirements for a green

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  • 12:07 - 06/12/2021

Attorney-at-Law Lyuben Todev participated in an Anniversary conference in honour of acad. Lyuben Vassilev on the topic “Recent problems of private law”, organized by the Institute for State and Law of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

On the 16th and 17th of September 2021 was held an Anniversary conference in honour of 110 years from the birth of acad. Lyuben Vassilev on the topic “Recent problems of private law”, organized by the Institute for State and

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  • 14:27 - 15/10/2021

The Changes in the Bulgarian Civil Procedural Code Concerning the Electronic Serving of Documents, which entered into effect on 30.06.2021

The changes in the Bulgarian Civil Procedure Code, which entered into effect on 30.06.2021, provide an opportunity for electronic serving of documents. For this purpose, the party in the court proceedings can choose to receive court documents and subpoena via

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  • 10:48 - 16/07/2021
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