Employment and Immigration

The activities of DOBREV & LYUTSKANOV Law Firm in the field of Employment and Immigration focus on legal advice and consultancy to employers and/or employees with regard to all forms of labour relations. We aim to ensure the protection of our client’s rights and interests in the best possible way and in accordance with their expectations.

We provide legal advice in the field of labour law, including but not limited to:

  • Drafting of all relevant contracts and documents related to the establishment, existence and termination of labour relations;
  • Drafting of all types of internal rules needed for the employer’s activities, such as labour contracts, job descriptions, rulebooks, rules for the healthy and safe conditions at work, employer’s issues, training and promotion schemes;
  • Representation of our clients before regulatory authorities in the field of labour law;
  • Assistance, advice and representation in out-of-court settlement of labour disputes;
  • Consultancy and legal defence in litigation concerning dismissals, compensation and other labour disputes;
  • Consultancy on the possibilities for hiring foreign employees and full legal support on the procedures for obtaining work permit and its extension.

The team of DOBREV & LYUTSKANOV Law Firm works on a long-term basis with some of the largest recruitment agencies in Bulgaria, providing them with legal advice and assistance in the field of project management, preparation of documents related to selection and training matters, permanent or temporary appointments and various solutions in the management of human resources.

Given the great importance of this sphere of law and the big number of statutory regulations subject to frequent changes, our objective is to offer our clients high-quality and practice-oriented advice in conformity to the existing national and EU legislation.


DOBREV & LYUTSKANOV Law Firm provides advice on the full range of immigration services. We offer complete relocation packages for individuals providing timely and accurate guidance to all clients. We have vast experience in providing legal support throughout the procedure for the acquisition and restoration of Bulgarian citizenship, entry into the respective registries, issuance of Bulgarian identification papers, etc.

We provide legal support in the process of obtaining Bulgarian visas for any purpose (entry, stay, transit). Through our connections with immigration law specialists and consultants we can assist in all visa matters, including work permit issuance, short-term stay, long-term stay and permanent relocation of foreigners.

We participate in Bulgarian Investment Immigration Program, which provides non-EU individuals and their families with the opportunity to receive a permanent residency permit. Our law firm is main legal consultant and has great experience in dealing with the legal matter on the investment funds and guides the investors through the whole investment process.

DOBREV & LYUTSKANOV Law Firm aims to make the immigration process as smooth as possible for our clients.


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