Litigation and ADR

DOBREV & LYUTSKANOV Law Firm provides highly qualified legal defence of its Bulgarian and foreign clients in litigation and options for alternative dispute resolution before all Bulgarian courts, as well as domestic and international arbitration tribunals.

Our firm offers comprehensive legal defence throughout the whole process, including the pre-trial phase, the litigation at all judicial instances in Bulgaria and national and international arbitration.

The legal services we offer with regard to litigation include but are not limited to:

Prejudicial phase:

  • Case-study and collecting evidence;
  • Advice and opinions on the substantive aspects of the legal dispute with a forecast and analysis of the legal actions to be taken;
  • Investigation on the defendants assets and their freezing.

Judicial phase:

  • Drafting of claims and the respective answers to claims, submitted by the counter party;
  • Legal representation during all stages of court procedure;
  • Representation at court open hearings.

Post-judicial phase:

  • Appealing court judgments and resolutions;
  • Assisting clients in the whole process of executing the court judgment or arbitration awards, providing legal representation with regard to opening enforcement proceedings, advising on the most appropriate enforcement measures to be taken and on the lawfulness of the actions of the bailiff;
  • Participating in the whole process of public sales and sales under the Special Pledges Act.


In the course of their business operations, many clients are faced with the need to seek remedy in an arbitration tribunal. In this particularly important sphere we have well trained experts with excellent track record in disputes heard by both national and international arbitration institutions, including the ICC Arbitration Tribunal. Our lawyers use all the available legal remedies to ensure maximum speed and efficiency in the settlement of disputes.

We have substantial experience in internal and international arbitration disputes with significant matter value, as well as in the process of recognition and enforcement of judgments and awards of foreign courts and arbitration tribunals.

In the field of debt collection, Dobrev & Lyutskanov Law Firm is working together with Debitura, Czech Republic. You can find ouot more at the following addresses:


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