Public Procurement and Administrative Procedures

DOBREV & LYUTSKANOV Law Firm provides full legal servicing throughout the entire procedure of awarding a contract for public procurement contracts.

The Law firm advises its clients regarding required documents, their form and contents, while strictly observing the explicit provisions of the Bulgarian Public Procurement Act and their interpretation, as provided by the Commission for Protection of Competition and the Supreme Administrative Court. We assist our clients along all the stages of te procedure for assignment of public procurements and we advise our clients in the course of execution of the awarded contract.

Our experience with regard to advising contracting authorities, as well as to participation in commissions for review of offers, allows us to provide a complete set of services to our clients – drafting all documents required for participation in the procedure, consultations with regard to the documents necessary for participation, their form and contents, analysis of the draft public procurement contract, consultations with regard to the selection criteria, consultations concerning the documents required at the stage of concluding the contract, legal consultations during the performance of obligations under public procurement contracts, as well as analysis regarding the grounds for change or termination of a public procurement contract.

Dobrev & Lyutskanov Law Firm provides legal assistance to its clients also in the procedures for contesting acts, actions and inactions within the framework of procedures for assignment of public procurements before the Commission for Protection of Competition and the Supreme Administrative Court, as well as defense and representation with regard to requests for temporary measures or preliminary execution of the decision for appointing a contractor.

We also provide consultations with regard to different auction procedures outside of the scope of the Public Procurement Act, including auction procedures under the State Property Act, the Municipality Property Act, the Concessions Act, etc.

We have experience also with the procedures for awarding concession contracts and contracts for lease of state or municipal property, whereas we assist our clients during the whole auction procedure.


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