Real Estate аnd Construction

Clients can rely on our broad legal acumen and innovative thinking to guide their real estate projects from start to finish. We cover and resolve all legal issues that are intrinsically related to the implementation of investment projects in the sphere of real estate (from initial due diligence through structuring of the sale/ purchase and including an evaluation of tax and finance aspects).

DOBREV & LYUTSKANOV Law Firm has experience in a vast number of both small and large scale real estate transactions and this puts us at the forefront of the market in terms of technical know-how, specific market practice, risk management and understanding of our clients’ requirements.

The process of property acquisition and disposal can be lengthy and complicated and we advise our clients on the significant commercial implications that might arise. We advise on and draft development agreements, provide legal assistance in construction, planning and site disposal matters, fund-raising arrangements, freehold transfers and any associated due diligence reports. We assist in the acquisition of real estate in Bulgaria and in the subsequent implementation of investment projects in the field of hotel management and tourism, golf courses, office and commercial buildings, industrial construction works, and renewable energy projects.

DOBREV & LYUTSKANOV Law Firm has a vast project consulting experience in the land plot acquisition for construction purposes and the implementation of projects from preliminary sale-purchase agreements, notary deeds and land plot designation changes. Our lawyers’ expertise in coordination and communication with the competent authorities leads to the successful implementing, construction and development of all kinds of investment projects.

Advising on all aspects of property transactions and sale-purchase agreements, we ensure that these processes are carried out as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Our team is experienced in accomplishment and execution of notary deals upon different kind of territories and facilities including agricultural lands, protected areas, technical and engineering equipment and facilities as well as other land plots and facilities with different purposes.

Our service includes the management of large property portfolios for investors, advising on all matters, including easements, covenants, service charges, notary deeds, notary deals and registrations.

DOBREV & LYUTSKANOV Law Firm was involved during every stage of title transfer, including:

  • Swap agreements for bilateral transfer of property rights;
  • Limited property rights establishment for construction and usage of: road facilities, bridges, pipelines, power plant facilities, as well as civil buildings and trade centres;
  • Notary conveyance, drafting notary deeds, clients’ representation.

Being consulted by our team, our clients benefit from our extensive experience and our in-depth ability to cover the legal and administrative aspects of transaction and notary deals of any kind.


Throughout the years of our practice in the fields of construction law we actively took part into the development of photovoltaic, wind and water power plants, linear and site infrastructure projects, gas stations, environmental and water projects, waste treatment facilities construction projects, etc. We have experience at all stages of the construction process – from the proper development of a detailed zoning plan procedure, giving the frames of the future construction project, and providing due diligence support to dispute resolution through court and adjudication and less formal resolution procedures. We are also able to provide legal advice upon the necessary demolition of equipment, whose operation is terminated, and the related consequent land restoration procedures. We are used to work in each and every step of the construction process, including demolition of lawful buildings and the consequent waste management issues.

Our practice includes legal advice and drafting of various types of contracts needed for the organization and implementation of the construction process, i.e. design contracts, EPC contracts, design supervision contracts, construction supervision contracts. We represent our clients in the negotiations on the specific terms and conditions, rights, obligations and responsibilities of the participants in the construction process. Our team coordinates the necessary matters with engineers, designers and other experts who help us deliver first class and effective legal support.

We provide consultancy to our clients with regard to the use of the varieties of standard construction contracts approved by FIDIC (the International Federation of Consulting Engineers), adjusting their clauses, if needed, to the specific construction process and the requirements of the existing Bulgarian laws.

The Law Firm has a substantial experience also in the registration of builders in the Central Professional Register of Builders within the Bulgarian Chamber of Builders, where we consult on the nessecity and the scope of the registration, while supporting the entire process of registration and the collecting of all the documents needed.

Our Team has advised and support numerous of construction projects, including:

  • Power plant project construction and commissioning;
  • Linear and site infrastructure project development;
  • Wind-farm, photovoltaic, gas and biogas projects;
  • Water facilities and water objects;
  • Waste treatment facilities projects development;
  • Transportation and communication projects development;
  • Business and trade centres, buildings and residential parks development.

DOBREV & LYUTSKANOV Law Firm is experienced in dealing swiftly with the municipal and local authorities, such as the National Construction Control Directorate, municipalities, municipal and regional agricultural departments, regional and national archives, cadastre and property register agency in order to obtain valuable documents for successful execution of the whole project.

Through our aim to be up-to-date with the newest legislation amendments and with the market practice within the spheres of our practice, we are able to provide current and effective legal advice upon the issues at hand at the moment they arise and to minimize the risks of arising possible disputes upon obligations performance.


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