Hristo Kazarmov

Христо Казармов се присъедини към екипа на Адвокатско дружество „Добрев и Люцканов” като Асоцииран адвокат през септември 2017 г. , а от юни 2021 г. е Старши асоцииран адвокат. Преди това, в периода 2008 г.- 2017 г., е работил като асоцииран адвокат в друго адвокатско дружество.

Христо Казармов е магистър по право (2006 г.) от Университет за национално и световно стопанство.

Считано от 2012 г. е юридически консултант на Камара на архитектите в България.

Член е на Софийска адвокатска колегия.

Езици: английски


Transfer of copyright in architectural works for purposes of reworking architecture projects and making alterations to finished buildings

Subject to copyright is any work of literature, the arts and science that is the product of a creative process carried out in any manner of expression and in any objective form. The provisions of article 3(1), subparagraphs 6 &

Legal Aspects of the Main Stages in the Construction and Commissioning of a Single Family Home

This article is intended to present the main legal aspects of the individual stages which any investor who has decided to build his or her own single family home should complete until the commissioning of the latter. It outlines the

Legal Aspects and Applicability of Design Contracts

Design contracts belong to the wide range of production contracts. Like most contracts of this type, design contracts have some specific features which are the subject-matter of this article. Although they are very common and have diverse legal aspects, design

The register of non-profit legal entities will be managed by the Registry Agency since 01.01.2018

From January 1st, 2018 the courts will no longer administrate the Register of non-profit organizations. The competent body will be the Registry Agency. New functions will be added to the on-line Commercial register and documents can be submitted on-line not

The law on the protection of over-indepted natural persons – a second chance for bona fide deptors or a loophole for mala fide deptors?

09_The Law on the Protection Of Over Indepted Natural Persons-A Second Chance For Bona Fide Deptors Or A loobhole For Mala Fide Deptors_HK On 21 July 2017, the personal insolvency bill was submitted to the National Assembly. As is seen

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