Infrastructure, Transport and Communication

DOBREV & LYUTSKANOV Law Firm is providing complex services in the field of Infrastructure, Transport and Communication. Within the area of infrastructure project development, property status, easements, land and ownership preservation, the proper and up-to-date legal advice is of major importance. This industry has an ever-changing legal scene and having in mind the potential economic problems that can arise, businesses need focused and adequate support from their legal advisors more than ever. DOBREV & LYUTSKANOV Law Firm evolves with the changing landscape and our team of specialists continues to provide legal advice in the best interests of our clients.

Our firm has provided legal advice to highly topical projects for the rehabilitation and extension of linear infrastructure, including road infrastructure, pipeline and transmission infrastructure, grid and interconnection facilities. Among our clients are companies building motorway lots and rehabilitating existing roads within the national road network. Out lawyers have further advised on spatial planning, property, easements, grid interconnection, etc.

The services we provide cover the legal aspects of the entire infrastructure process as follows:

  • Project financing (including structural funds);
  • Structuring of the participants in the project in the appropriate legal form;
  • Submission of bids (including those under the Public Procurement Act);
  • Execution of project contracts (EPC, O&M Agreements);
  • Consultancy in the course of the project implementation and commissioning.

Having developed comprehensive knowledge on infrastructure project issues, we are able to help our clients steer through the regulatory, legal and court minefields that stand between them and the development of their business.


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