Environment and Utilities


DOBREV & LYUTSKANOV Law Firm has developed diverse legal practice in the field of environmental law and it provides full legal services to our business-oriented clients who invest in real estate, the energy sector, chemical engineering, environmentally clean technologies, projects based on renewable energy sources, energy efficiency and emissions trading to reduce greenhouse gases.

Our experience in this sphere includes advising on the relevant administrative procedures for obtaining environmental impact assessments (EIA) and compliance assessments (CA). We help our clients with legal advice on the ways and stages of approval of investment projects with a view to obtaining the required environmental permits. We offer legal opinions on the need for environmental assessments (EA) and the phase of the investment project at which it should be carried out. The lawyers in our team examine the compliance of the investments with the plans for management of protected areas, natural parks, Natura 2000, etc. We act for our clients in the legal arrangements concerning the greenhouse gas emissions trading scheme and on the options they have to apply the mechanisms set out in the Kyoto Protocol. We defend our clients in court proceedings related to environmental issues.

The services offered by our expert team in this sphere include but are not limited to:

  • Consultancy on the environmental legislation with a view to the implementation of investment projects in various sectors in the phases until the issuance of an environmental permits;
  • Legal advice in connection with environmental assessments (EA), environmental impact assessments (EIA) and compliance assessments (CA);
  • Legal representation in litigation on environmental matters.

Natural Resources

DOBREV & LYUTSKANOV Law Firm has rich experience in providing legal services to clients operating in the extraction and protection of natural resources. We advise our clients on the administrative procedures applied to the extraction of mineral water, underground mineral resources and natural gas, as well as on the related procedures for grating concession rights, renewal of terms, etc.


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