Zlatina Gadzheva

Златина Гаджева се присъедини към екипа на Адвокатско дружество „Добрев и Люцканов” през юли 2017 г. на позицията Стажант. От началото на септември 2017 г. Златина Гаджева е Младши юрисконсулт в дружеството, а от декември 2019 г. - Младши асоцииран адвокат. От октомври 2021 г. Златина Гаджева е Асоцииран адвокат.

Златина Гаджева е магистър по право (2016 г.) от Софийски университет „Св. Климент Охридски”, специализация Правораздаване. По време на следването си е участвала в състезания по международно право (Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition) и право на Европейския съюз (Central and East European Moot Competition; Europeaus).

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Evolution of the EU legal framework concerning green hydrogen

By adopting the European Green Deal, rolled out in late 2019, the European Commission has declared its intention to have the CO2 emissions of the European Union reduced by no less than 55% by 2030, and to make the EU

The legal regime of portable buildings

A portable building (also known in Bulgarian as movable site, movable facility or movable object) is a site, that does not have the characteristics of a building and can be moved into the space, after it has been separated from

Competition exercised by a former partner or manager in a company, according to the practice of the Bulgarian Commission for Protection of Competition

It is common practice for company managers to be required, either with the contract for management and representation, or with later declarations or agreements, to undertake the obligation not to exercise competitive activity after they no longer occupy their position.

Virtual Conference on Hydrogen Industry Organised by the German-Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The virtual conference on hydrogen industry organised by the German-Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AHK Bulgarien) took place on 20 October 2021. Hydrogen as a raw material, fuel or energy carrier and energy accumulation vehicle is high on the

Green Public Procurement

The successful transformation of the economy of the European Union towards a sustainable future, which underlies the European Green Deal, builds on a number of pillars and has an impact on practically all spheres of the EU economy and policies.

Passenger Rights in Case of Cancelled Flights in Emergency Situations

The COVID-19 pandemic has created transport chaos in Europe and airlines have been among the most affected. Many flights have been and continue to be cancelled, and in other cases passengers are cancelling their reservations because of imposed travel bans

Service of Documents in EU Member States

The relationships between natural persons or legal entities residing in different European countries often require the service of documents between them. Insofar as the transmission of papers takes place within the European Union, persons can use the special procedure laid

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