13-th international seminar of the International Association of Lawyers (Union Internationale des Avocats)

Attorney-at-Law Katerina Gramatikova presented Dobrev & Lyutskanov Law Firm at the 13th winter seminar in Zermatt, Switzerland from the 24rh of February to the 3rd of March 2018, organized by the International association of Lawyers. (Union Internationale des Avocats-UIA). More than 60 lawyers from different countries – members of th association – participated in the seminar. Attorney-at-Law Gramatikova made a presentation on the topic “Arbitration in investment disputes in accordance with the Washington Convention”, which reviewed the different aspects of admissibility and justifiability of claims against states – contracting parties to the Convention on the Settlement of Investment Disputes between States and Nationals of Other States from 1965, which was ratified by Bulgaria in 21.03.2000. In the course of the presentation the more important aspects of the procedural rules set by the Convention were discussed, including the requirement for a valid concent to refer such a dispute to an arbitration tribunal, established in accordance with the said Convention, existence of a pending investment dispute, active and passive procedural legitimation, filing of counter-claims, among other topics.