Amending Act to the Private Bailiffs Act

On 25 March 2015, the National Assembly passed the Amending Act to the Private Bailiffs Act at first reading. The amendments are intended, first and foremost, to ensure that the sum total of all recovery fees does not exceed the total amount of the debt. Furthermore, the debtor is given an option to alleviate his position in the cases, where the debtor pays the debt, wholly or in part, within the time limits envisages in the voluntary repayment notice, by collecting half of the amount of the fee charged on the repaid debt.

The reasons stated in the explanatory memorandum for the bill emphasize that the objectives are to ensure fair and effective recovery, to strike a balance between the recovery sanctions to be imposed on the debtor and the protection of the debtor with regard to the amount of the debt and the recovery costs, as well as to encourage repayment within the time limits for voluntary repayment in view of the best interests of the parties in the recovery procedure.