Toma Tomov

Тома Томов се присъедини към Адвокатско дружество „Добрев и Люцканов” през 2014 г. като стажант. От месец януари е 2016 г. е Младши юрисконсулт, а от ноември юрисконсулт. От месец август 2017 година адв. Томов е Младши асоцииран адвокат, а от януари 2020 г. е Асоцииран адвокат.

Тома Томов специализира в областта на Съдебните спорове и алтернативно разрешаване на спорове, Несъстоятелност, Трудово право и имиграция.

Тома Томов е магистър по право (2015 г.) от Университет за национално и световно стопанство.

Член на Софийска адвокатска колегия.

Езици: английски, френски


Satisfying a creditor by assigning assets against receivable

The COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 and the globally increasing inflation exacerbate the challenges facing businesses and the frequency of insolvencies leading to an ever larger number of bankruptcy proceedings. These facts provide an incentive for the contractual party in good

Sale of assets in special circumstances during insolvency proceedings

In cases where the assets of an insolvent debtor cannot successfully be sold off in accordance with the standard procedure under article 717 et seq. of the Bulgarian Commerce Act (CA), the insolvency proceedings allow the option of liquidation via

The New Absolute Statute of Limitations for Individual Debtors

On 2 June 2021, the absolute statute of limitations for individual debtors who are natural persons entered into force pursuant to the Amending Act to the Obligations and Contracts Act (OCA Amending Act) published in The State Gazette, No. 102

Claims for Damages due to Wrongfully-Issued Interim Injunctions

The Civil Procedure Code (CPC) provides remedies for legal persons and natural persons who have suffered damages due to wrongfully-issued interim injunctions. This article covers the claims for damages resulting from such injunctive measures which are allowed in proceedings intended

Enforcement over Shares

It has become increasingly common for a creditor, having reached the enforcement phase, to fail to get satisfaction from the debtor’s assets due to wrongdoing on part of the debtor before, during or after proceedings which have resulted in an

What happens to the unforfeited assets of a deregistered business when suspended insolvency proceedings are terminated?

The developments after the opening of insolvency proceedings may lead to a situation in which there are insolvency assets owned by the insolvent business that have not been cashed in and therefore they have not been distributed among the creditors


The freedom of movement for workers within the European Union is a fundamental principle enshrined in the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union. The European Union facilitates the citizens of Member States in starting work in another EU

Business Stabilization Proceedings Under the New Amending Bill to the Companies Act

06_Antitrust Rules of the European Union in the Moto Vehicle Sector_TM[english] On 14 June 2016, the amending bill to the Companies Act was tabled for its first reading in Parliament with a view to introducing new stabilization proceedings for businesses

Antitrust Rules of the European Union in the Moto Vehicle Sector

06_Antitrust Rules of the European Union in the Moto Vehicle Sector_TM[english]

New Colleague

As of January 2016 Toma Tomov is at the position Junior Legal Assistant. Toma is a joined Dobrev & Lyutskanov’s team in 2014 as a Trainee. He has graduated from University of National and World Economy (LL. M. 2015). Speaks

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