Mariya Endreva, Attorney-at-Law, is also a Certified Mediator

Since 24 August 2015, Mariya Endreva, attorney-at-law, has been registered in the National Registry of Mediators at the Ministry of Justice. Her specialization is mediation in commercial law. Being a voluntary and confidential extra-judicial alternative dispute resolution method, mediation was introduced in Bulgaria in 2004. In accordance with the existing Mediation Act, the mediator is a third impartial party which assists the parties to a dispute to reach an agreement. Directive 2008/52/EC of 21 May 2008 requires that the content of an agreement resulting from mediation which has been made enforceable in a Member State be recognized and declared enforceable in the other Member States in accordance with applicable Community or national law.

We wish all success to Mariya in this additional endeavor.